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Do You Want to Be Stress Free

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Ocak 16th, 2012

Do You Want to Be Stress Free

Do you want to be stress free?

There are two types of stress; both have similar effects on the human body: positive (“good”) stress, called eustress (from the Greek “eu,” meaning “well” or “good”), and negative stress (“bad stress”) or distress (“dis” means “not” or the opposite of well). Usually, when we say “stress,” we imply distress.

Do we need distress (stress), in our life? No, we don’t! Can we avoid stress? No, we cannot. Can we reduce negative stress? Yes, we can!

Everyone wants to be stress free, but the question is: “What should we do to reduce stress in life?” As we know, stress is part of our lives – there is no stress-free life – but there are hundreds of different ways to reduce it. Unfortunately, there is no single “good coping way” to deal with any given situation.

The intent of this article is not to list and explore all the available techniques for reducing stress; rather, this article will explore only one very simple technique, something that has been known to you from the first moments of your life. It’s your breathing.

Do not be disappointed! Reading this article will help you to learn why breathing is such a powerful tool.

The first thing to be aware of is that you can calm yourself by consciously controlling your breathing. There is a direct relationship between our emotional state and conscious breathing. This connection, known as the “science of breath” has been a part of human knowledge for thousands of years. This science shows us that our minds follow our breathing patterns. By breathing in an appropriate way, you can calm the forces within yourself.

The point is this: if you can gain control over your breathing, you will be able to take control over your emotional state.

Before going into detail about how to control your emotional state by breathing, you need to know that there are two kinds of breathing: intercostal and abdominal breathing. Confused? Don’t be; I’ll explain.

Chances are, you are using intercostal breathing right now, meaning that you are breathing from your chest. Abdominal breathing occurs when you breathe from your abdomen.

From the very first seconds of life, we breathe from our bellies (abdomen). Unfortunately, early in childhood, most of us switch from abdominal breathing to chest, or intercostal, breathing. Actually, what we are doing is switching from the stress-free mode of breathing to a stressed style. Only abdominal breathing is the breathing of relaxation. When you are relaxed, your breathing is deep, easy, and slow, and comes from your belly. On the other hand, when you are angry, tense, stressed out, or fearful, your breathing is sharp, shallow, and quick, and located in your chest.

By breathing quickly we prepare our bodies for action. This is the body’s fight/flight response to stress. Whatever is going on, your body senses that you need energy; breathing quickly will give you more energy (in the form of oxygen). Unfortunately, quick breathing also causes unpleasant sensations as a direct result of reduced levels of carbon dioxide in the body. In an advanced state, this is known as hyperventilation.

Because we switched, unintentionally, from abdominal to intercostal breathing, as children, if we wish to use breathing for relaxation, we must come back to our original style of abdominal breathing. As you may know, abdominal breathing is a part of meditation and yoga exercises.

You can use abdominal breathing to calm yourself whenever you are under any kind of stress. If you try to breathe as if you are relaxed, you will be surprised by how relaxed you will become. The good thing about the science of breathing is that anyone, at any time, and anywhere, can engage in deep, conscious, abdominal breathing. With abdominal breathing, we bring extra oxygen into the blood and cause the body to release endorphins. Endorphins are naturally occurring hormones that re-energize and promote relaxation. Yes, breathing can heal effectively our emotions.

Now that you know a little bit of physiology about human breathing, you can see the benefits of an appropriate breathing technique.

Recently, I asked people around me a very simple question: “Do you believe that you can calm yourself by consciously controlling your breathing? ” My “survey” results gave me very different opinions. What I learned was that many people do not know about the two types of breathing. Next, I wondered if many of them believed in the power of relaxing breathing. Most of them, I was shocked to learn, do not! My conclusion is that only a very few people know basic facts about their own breathing. This means that, right now, only a very small percentage of people realize that they can use powerful breathing techniques as a tool for relaxation.

This article does not go into detail about how to use and practice an appropriate, conscious abdominal breathing technique. If you wish to learn more about this topic, you need to learn it on your own. Hopefully, you will discover a new, easy, and free of charge tool for reducing your unnecessary stress levels.

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

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Basic Computer Security Tips

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Ocak 15th, 2012

Basic Computer Security Tips

Everyone talks about computer security, being secure online etc but how many of us actually practice the correct security tips? Then when hackers or viruses attack, we look around to attach blame. Well, be safe in advance, check out the following basic computer security tips to keep your system safe.

10 Basic Computer Security Tips

Secure Your Computer with Your Own User Account
Files and content on your PC are your private data and information. If you are the sole user of the PC, you know you are the only person who can view those files. But in case of a single PC and multiple users, like in a household where kids and parents use the same machine, you can protect your data by setting up user accounts. Setting up a separate account for each user shows only that individual’s data to them and not what is present on the entire system. Such accounts are also useful for specifying privileges, like what files can be modified or deleted and what software can be installed. Imagine if your child manages to access important files that you have created and deletes them by mistake. By setting up a user account for him/her, he/she can only view files, not modify them and cannot install any programs. By setting yourself as the administrator, all computer settings and user accounts can be modified by you alone. And for guest or non-family member users, like your kids friends, you can keep a guest user account.

Secure Your Wireless Network
With wired Internet access, there’ little risk of someone encroaching on your network. But wireless networks do have holes in their security, so as the owner you need to be vigilant. Setting up a password and securing your wireless network is the first step. Use the latest security encryption methods like WPA or WPA2 key. If you have shared the password with a neighbor or someone outside, for one-time use, change the password the next time you log on your machine. Saying that an anti-virus software is necessary seems stupid, as this is one of the most basic computer security guidelines. But you need an anti-virus program and it should be regularly updated. Schedule auto system scans, carry out scanning of downloads and new added devices, periodic quick scans and once in a while, carry out a complete system scan.

Be Careful with Websites and Email
The land of the Internet is vast and filled with numerous and convenient places to hide. No one ever reveals their true identity and details and you should do the same. Social networking sites are fun online places to socialize but they are also preying grounds for the depraved. For parents, installing parental control software is useful for monitoring and filtering what their children can get up to online.

You can even change your web browser’s security settings to block certain sites and filter out objectionable content. Such settings are not as powerful as parental control software but it helps to be extra secure. You can find this feature in the Tools option of most browsers. With search engines like Google, you can fiddle with search preferences settings.

Email is another online threat. Log in data and information should be kept very very secure and should be updated regularly. Change your email password once every 2 weeks. Use a spam blocker or filter. Malicious Internet users can send anything in emails, so do not open unknown sender’s emails. Most email clients like Hotmail, will warn you of suspicious content or dangerous mails from an unknown user. Before downloading any email attachments, use the virus scan first. After checking your email, it is best to run a quick virus scan of your system, to ensure nothing has seeped into your computer.

Use Passwords
Since nearly all programs have passwords and are encrypted, it pays to be a bit cautious about those little strings of computer security authentication. Passwords are supposed to keep your individual settings and data safe, so you need to keep their value or the actual password safe. This includes not writing down all your passwords on a piece of paper and keeping it in the car or say a common location. With numerous passwords, it’s understandable that remembering them all is difficult. So you can write them down but the place where you store this written down info, should be secure. And once in a while, please change your passwords. By any chance, if they are revealed, updating the passwords can render all hacking attempts as naught. Another safety precaution is the “remember me” option in most secure sites. If multiple users access the same PC, do not select this option.

The above basic computer security tips are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to securing your PC’s. With every good advancement in technology, cyber evil seems to get even more evil, so it pays to be vigilant in today’s cyberspace.

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Hotmail Spam Mail Engelleme

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Ocak 15th, 2012

Hotmail Gelen Spam Mailleri Engelleme



Son günlerde Spam mailler oldukça arttı artık öyle bir hal aldıki sanki spam firmalarına mail hesabı kullanıyoruz mail adreslerimizi onlar için açtığımızı düşünmeye başladım desem yeridir bu durumlarada henüz bir dur diyen olmadığı için kendi yöntemlerimizle bu olayı çözebilmek adına sizlerle bilgi paylaşacağım gelen mailleri engelleme

Gelen Spam Maillerin haddi hesabı yok ilk kez böyle birşey ile karşılaşıyorum o sebeple engelleme yöntemini sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum

öncelikle hotmail hesabınıza giriş yapın sonrasında aşağıdaki linke tıklayıp düzenleme sayfasına giriş yapın Sign In

açılan sayfaya aşağıdaki resimde görüldüğü gibi uygulayın

bu kadar sonrasında ise kurtulursunuz bu lanet spam maillerinden .

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Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Ocak 15th, 2012

Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

Recover Forgotten Outlook Password
Software recovers MS outlook express password
Tuesday, July 7, 2009;

Did you forget your MS office outlook and outlook express passwords? Normally users forget their outlook password because remembering secret code of multiple accounts configured on MS outlook is very complex. Need to recover MS office outlook and outlook express passwords? This article will provide information about MS office outlook and outlook express password recovery software helps to recover your forgotten outlook password quickly, easily and effectively.

MS outlook express password viewer software provides a comprehensive solution to uncover the passwords which are hidden by asterisks (***) character for different email or newspaper group subscription account developed on Microsoft office outlook or outlook express. Asterisk password uncover tool with simple functionality unmask secret codes of various email services (Rediffmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc) account configured on outlook express. Password viewer software can also restore password of various files like PST, MBX and DBX file. It becomes very complicated for the users to remember the password of multiple email account. Outlook password recovery software is purposely designed for those users who work with multiple email accounts. Authentication code unlock program displays the server information which includes incoming and outgoing server name and port number and save recovered info in the text file at user specified location for future reference. Forgotten outlook password recovery software supports all major versions of outlook express (5.0, 6.0 and 7.0) and Microsoft office outlook (2003, 2007). Outlook and outlook express password recovery program can retrieve password on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista operating system. Some of the advance features of this software are:

* Forgotten outlook password recovery software provides full support to multilingual password recovery.
* Secret code unlock tool fully support all major versions of Microsoft office outlook and outlook express.
* Outlook password unlock tool easily retrieve the lost identity (multiple user account) password.
* Application recover lost and forgotten password and saves recovered information in text file at user specified location.

I am a company representative and fully satisfied with this application to recover password of multiple email accounts configured on Microsoft outlook express and office outlook.

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Hotmail Directory Search

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Ocak 15th, 2012

Why Should You Perform A Reverse cell lookup?

Lots of individuals are usually wanting to perform a mobile reverse lookup to find out who their spouse or partner has been chatting to and also to find out who has been prank calling them throughout the day. Usually in most cases a lot of people would want to find out exactly who their partner has been talking to.

How Can I Perform A Cell numbers look up?

Right now the way you can perform a cell number reverse is to pay a small fee. It is a huge database that includes numbers such as cell phone numbers, unlisted phone numbers and even landline phone numbers as well. This database was purchased by a cell phone lookup reverse company as well for a huge amount. And because of privacy reasons these reverse mobile lookup companies charge a small fee in order to get access to their large database. The cell phone address lookup companies are bound by agreements with major telephone companies and cell companies to not give out such private information out of the public for free.

What Kind Of Information Will I Be Able To Get What I Pay The Small Nominal Fee To Perform An Unlisted Phone numbers Search

When you perform a reverse cell search on the anonymous telephone number you will be able to get access to information such as whether the phone number you are curious about is a mobile telephone number or landline telephone number. You will also be able to get access to information such as where the owner registered the telephone at. Unfortunately if you want to get more information about that unlisted phone number you will need to pay a small initial fee in order to get access to things such as.

1. The exact first and last name of the person that owns the mysterious number.

2. The exact location of where the owner of the telephone number lives at.

3. And more private information about the owner of that anonymous number.

To get Hotmail Directory Search just Click Here

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Hotmail Ne Zaman Kuruldu Tarihçesi

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Eylül 18th, 2011

Hotmail Ne Zaman Kuruldu Tarihçesi

Günümüzde Her 10 kullanıcıdan 8 tanesi hotmail ve msn kullanmakta ve hotmail web tarayıcısı üzerinde kullanılmaya başlanan ilk mail sitesi olduğunu biliyormuydunuz ? buyrun sitesinin tarihçesi

Hotmail, 1995 yılında Sabeer Bhatia ve Jack Smith tarafından kuruldu. O dönemde tarayıcı üzerinden kullanılabilinen ilk e-posta programı olan hotmail 4 Temmuz 1996 tarihinde tamamen kullanılabilir hale gelmiştir. Hotmail ismi Jack ve Sabeer yeni servislerine isim bulmaya çalıştıkları sırada HTML harflerini çağrıştırdığı için seçilmiştir. Nitekim servisin orijinal ismi HoTMaiL’dir. Aralık 1997′de 8.5 milyon kullanıcıya sahip olan hotmail, 400 milyon Amerikan Dolarına Microsoft’a satıldı ve MSN şemsiyesine alındı. İki yıl sonra, Şubat 1999 ‘da Hotmail 30.5 milyon üyeye ve 17 farklı dil desteğine sahipti. 2007′de MSN Hotmail adı altında hizmet veren servis adı Windows Live Hotmail olarak değiştirildi. Windows Live Hotmail Microsoft’un Windows Live Grubu tarafından yaklaşık 3 yıldır Windows Live Mail adı altında geliştiriliyor ve deneme sürümü olarak seçilmiş kişilerce kullanılabiliyordu. Windows Live Hotmail, MSN Hotmail’e göre çok daha güvenli, sade ve kullanışlıdır. Son güncellemeler ile birlikte Windows Live Hotmail 5GB Ücretsiz E-Posta kapasitesi sunuyor, Plus seçeneği ise 10GB. Hotmail, gerçekte FreeBSD işletim sistemi üzerinde çalışmaktaydı. Yazılımın Windows’a uyarlanmasının zorluğundan dolayı bugün halen FreeBSD üzerinde çalıştığı iddia edilir.

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Cep Telefonu için Hotmail Pop3 Ayarları

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Eylül 7th, 2011

Cep Telefonu için Hotmail Pop3 Ayarları

Cepten mail göndermek ve almak kadar keyiflisi yok yoldayken işteyken yatarken farketmez bir tuş ile size gelen mailleri okuyup cevap yazabiliyorsunuz gözünü sevdiğim teknolojisi neler varmış sende neler

Evet Cep Telefonları için Hotmail Pop3 Ayarlarını sizlere paylaşıyoruz ;

POP Sunucusu: (Port 995)
POP SSL destek: Evet
Kullanıcı adı: Windows Live Id’niz . Örneğin
Şifre: Windows Live hesabınıza giriş için kullandığınız şifre
SMTP sunucusu: (Port 25)
Doğrulama gerekli mi : Evet ,gerekli
TLS/SSL destek :  Evet

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Cep telefonlarına hotmail kurma

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Eylül 7th, 2011

Cep telefonlarına hotmail kurma

Günümüzde teknoloji geliştikçe çep telefonlarıda gelişmeye devam etti artık mail alıp ve mail göndermek için bilgisayar şart değil cep telefonlarındanda mail alıp göndermemiz mümkün peki bunu nasıl yapacağız sizlere bu paylaşımımızda bunu tarif edeceğiz bu anlatımı yaparken nokia e72 modelini baz alarak tarif ediyoruz fakat sizlerde istediğiniz modeli konu altından belirtirseniz o model ile alakalı olarakta sizlere bilgi paylaşımında bulunabiliriz .

1. E-posta ayarı” kısmından “gelişmiş posta kutusu ayarları” kısmına gir.
2.Orada ” gelen e-posta ayarları”nda kullanıcı ismi kısmına mail adresini tam olarak yaz.
3. Ardından aşağı kısıma şifreni. “Gelen posta sunucusu” kısmına “” yaz.
4.”Erişim noktası kullanımda” kısmına internete nasıl bağlanmayı tercih ediyorsan onu seç. mesela Vodafone veya digerleri
5.”Güvenlik” kısmında “Açık (SSL/TLS)” seç. “Bağlantı noktası” = “Standart” ve “APOP Güvenli oturum” = “kapalı”. “Giden e-posta ayarları”nda ise, “kullanıcı kimliği doğrulama” = “gelen için olanla aynı”, “kullanıcı ismi” = yine mail adresin, “Giden posta sunucusu” =, “erişim noktası kullanımda” = yukarıdaki ile aynı, “güvenlik” = Açık (StartTLS), “bağlantı noktası” = 587.

Bu arada bu ayarları yaptıktan sonra ovi’ye sitesi üzerinden kayıt olup hotmail hesabını oraya tanıtman gerekiyor.

Bütün işlem bu kadar isteğe göre resimli anlatımda eklenebilir kısa bir süre içerisinde .

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@hotmail oturum aç

Posted in Hotmail  by mustilife | Eylül 6th, 2011

@hotmail oturum aç da oturumu daha kolay açmanız adına bu yolu seçtik tek yapmanız gereken üst kısımdaki resime tıklamak ve hemen ardından oturum açma sayfası karşınıza çıkacak sizlerde hotmail ile oturum açmanın tadına varacaksınız :)

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